We are a european alliance uniting 6 political formations. Together, we want to support the citizen revolution against austerity and liberal policies. We fight for social and climate justice.

In Copenhagen, for a new green deal in Europe

Temperatures are increasing, spacies are disappearing… We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis and european policies are leading us to a climate catastrophe.

Multinationals and liberal governments prevent any life-saving decisions ! The EU, instead of being the decisionmaking ground for an ecological transition, is blocking national and common ecological policies. The alliance Now the people is determined to make a real change within the EU by defending a new green deal in Europe.

In Copenhagen, Farida Amrani was joined by Pernille Skipper, spokesperson of the danish Red-green Alliance, Nikolaj Villumsen, head of list for the Danish Red-green Alliance, Jorge Costa, deputy from Bloco de Esquerda (Portugal) and Jonas Karlsson, swedish candidate for Europe’s parliament. The program includes a presentation of the alliance’s proposals, some meetings and debates with the press and the Danish actors who are fighting every day for the environment protection.

Now the People has already a set of common demands for the climate that you can read here.

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May 11th : our first common meeting in Marseille !

The alliance Now the People! is proud to welcome you to its first meeting together in Marseille. Hanna Gedin, Ione Belarra, Manon Aubry, Eva Milsted, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and José Manuel Pureza will be the speaking in the south of France.