We want climate and social justice ! We want it now !


For immediate binding climate objectives
cut 65% of CO2 emissions in the EU by 2030; implement binding rules; require the wealthiest and the most polluting multinationals to pay more

For a European green rule
privilege environment and climate over Internal market freedoms, and deficit and debt rules in the EU treaties; end the quest for profit and rethink the functioning of our society according to ecosystem’s limits

For a Green Investment Plan
Launch of a massive public investment plan for a 100% renewable energy model, to renovate housing, tackle energy poverty and put energy sobriety forward;

Targeting CO2 neutrality in transports
Develop multimodal mobility and free public transport; invest in local railways for rebalancing territories; give preference to rail freight; establish a European Train Fund to develop connections between Europes’ capitols; introduce a progressive flight taxes in all EU countries; ban sales of new fossil fuel cars in the EU by 2025

For a new agricultural model and good food for all
Guarantee good quality food and promote local and ecological agriculture; end the use of pesticides; promote short food supply chains

Stop the old world that destruct the planet
Stop fuels subsidies; stop free-trade agreements like CETA; end gigantic useless projects; unmask greenwashing and fight against false solutions like nuclear energy, “natural” gas, geoengineering and the carbon market; prohibit new fossil fuel infrastructure (production, transport and storage),

Public services are good for the planet
Recognition of water and energy as common goods and develop public services; nationalization and democratization of the production and distribution systems of electricity

For wildlife and nature
Protect biodiversity and natural areas inside and outside Europe